The concept

  1. Between each operation, even benign, these instruments must be disinfected, washed, dried and sterilised.

After the washing and drying phase of handpieces, the current practice in all health centres is as follows:

  1. Handpieces lubrication
  2. Handpieces sterilisation
  3. Storage
  4. Use

This method highlights three major problems:

  • “Only sterilise what is clean and dry”. But with non-sterile oil inside, handpieces are neither clean nor dry.
  • The different vacuum phases of the autoclaves mean that the oil is completely (or almost completely) out of the handpiece at the end of the sterilisation cycles.
  • The little oil remaining in the handpieces is burnt by the rise in temperature of the sterilization oils (134°C for 18 minutes), bearing in mind that the oils lose their qualities from 80°C up to 100°C depending on their type.

The surgeon then uses a jammed instrument, with little or no oil, with an obvious risk of breakage during the operation, and therefore a risk to the patients’ health. Moreover, they are often obliged to have, in the operating theatre, a non-sterile oil can to re-lubricate the handpiece.

Based on these observations, I have developed a monodose of sterile lubricant (single-use) which will be placed in double sterile packaging for direct use in the operating theatre, just before surgery.

This monodose is supplied with a universal connector so that it can be adapted to any type of handpiece, and therefore lubricate all the dental, stomatological, maxillofacial, orthopaedic, ENT and neurology equipment on the market, while guaranteeing the sterility of all the equipment.

A patent was filed at the INPI with number 1852105 on 12 March 2018.

The name of the single-dose “STERILUB” was also filed with number 18 4 458 309 on 4 June 2018.


Expected medical & economical benefits

Perfectly sterile handpieces

Perfectly sterile and lubricated handpiece, and therefore safe for patients.

Exact quantity of oil

Exact quantity of oil without excess thanks to the monodose.

Complies with the requirements of the pharmacoepeia

Mineral oil, in accordance with the requirements of the European pharmacopoeia.

Lower maintenance costs

Less breakage of handpieces – much lower maintenance costs and therefore less renewal of handpieces.

No risk for the patient

Single-use monodose, without any risk for the patient, contrary to current practice.

100% recyclable monodose

100% recyclable monodose in polyethylene and adaptable to all types of surgical handpieces.